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DVIR Generation

Easily create and export driver-vehicle inspection reports to officials and members of your fleet in a few clicks! Driver Vehicle Investigation Reports are necessary to have for official investigations, so SHIELD makes the process as easy as possible.

IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking

Ensure that your mileage and gas usage stays within compliant ranges and easily calculate the fuel tax payment necessary for state-spanning drives. SHIELD makes all the calculations necessary for you, so you don’t have to worry about the amount of tax you need to pay.


Know where your fleet is at any time! All SHIELD devices are outfitted with GPS that will help you keep tabs on your vehicles. SHIELD is designed to be comprehensive for back-end use, so your tracking needs are all included with SHIELD!


Let SHIELD remind you when violations are near! SHIELD will send notifications to your phone, helping you avoid costly fines and better plan your drive! SHIELD is proven to save you money via notifications.

Roadside Inspection Mode

With a single click, change SHIELD into Roadside Inspection Mode. End the hassles of inspections with easy mode changes! Fits all the needs official inspectors need, so click the button and relax.

Recap Availability

Easily access records of your driving, check your availability, and calculate your routes ahead of time! All of your data is located in one simple location.

Logbook for New Incoming Drivers

Enter in your previous hours from other jobs in order to keep all of your information in one simple location! No need to communicate between two different ELDs, simply enter your data and let SHIELD do the rest.

User-Friendly Design

An intuitive layout with easily accessible features located within a single click, SHIELD is easy to navigate and use. Anyone can pick up SHIELD and know how to operate it instantly! With minimal menus and the simplest options, SHIELD teaches you how to navigate the system as you use it!

Additional Features

SHIELD will continue to be updated and enhanced in the future. Tune in here for future updates.

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