Need an ELD system? Try out SHIELD with a six-month free demo!
Have your drivers asked you hundreds of times about how to use your ELD system?
Have your drivers often forgotten to change their duty status on the ELD before leaving for the day?
Have your drivers complained that your ELD won't work in a location without a network connection?
Are your drivers often confused as to how long they can drive on the following day?
Do you think your current ELD system is too expensive?
Have you been facing these problems and more since the ELD mandate was implemented?
Congratulations! A solution is within your reach with SHIELD! You have received an offer for a 6-month free trial for our ELD system plus 24/7 support.
Our SHIELD app is stable, robust, and easy to use! It will help you to manage your fleet in the simplest way and help your drivers to adapt to the new HOS rules. You will be able to monitor your drivers' HOS status with the click of a button. We provide full service that will enable the drivers to keep accurate records of their driving logs with minimal effort. Furthermore, we are so confident in our service and products that we have a No-Contract guarantee! You have the right to cancel your service at any point that you feel it is no longer up to your standards. Contact us today to begin your demo and manage your fleet with a SHIELD to protect you.
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