Migrating Your Fleet From AOBRDs to ELDs

2019 - 05 - 22

If you have been using automatic onboard recording devices, or AOBRDs, on your buses since the ELD mandate by the FMCSA dropped, you may be in for some rough news. Though AOBRDs were grandfathered in initially, as of December 16, 2019, drivers cannot use AOBRDs on their motorcoaches. At first, that seems like a scary prospect. You may be anxious that you’re no longer compliant and wondering what you can do. But don’t be afraid. ELDs are the future of the bus industry and do everything that AOBRDs do, and more. Just take a look:

When it comes to the comparison, AOBRDs simply can’t hold up. And when it comes to ELDs, one rises above the rest. UBT’s SHIELD is an ELD built with the driver in mind, with the goal of being the easiest ELD to use on the market. This is accomplished by its user-friendly interface and wealth of built-in features like IFTA tracking, automatic report generation, and an easily-accessible roadside inspection mode. On top of that, SHIELD is 100% FMCSA-compliant and has all of the baseline functions that you demand from your ELD like a robust offline mode and negligence reminders. With these features, UBT guarantees a smooth transition from your AOBRD to your new ELD solution in SHIELD.

You don’t have to take our word for it. UBT is currently offering a 3+3 deal with SHIELD! That means that, if you sign up for a demo today, you’ll get your first three months of SHIELD service completely free. Then, if you decide to continue your SHIELD subscription after your first year of service (which costs just $199), you’ll get the first three months of your second year credited to your account! Don’t go in uninformed; make sure you try out the latest standard in ELD technology with SHIELD. Go to https://www.ubtshield.com/demo/ and sign up for your SHIELD demo today. Don’t let your fleet go another moment without compliance! Ditch your AOBRD and let SHIELD protect you.