How to Pick the Right ELD for Your Fleet !

2018 - 06 - 25

The mandate has hit, and you’ve decided it’s time to make the leap: you need to buy ELDs for your fleet. But with over 370 certified ELD systems available currently on the market, how are you supposed to pick the right one for you and your vehicles? Well, don’t fret. We have compiled the absolute, most essential features that you need to have in your ELD solution.


Let’s be honest: the first thing you look at when you look for an ELD is the price. Frankly, too many companies charge too much for their ELD solutions. You deserve something that has a low price but gets the job done with the features that help you out most. Another thing to avoid is a long-term contract. Why should you have to pay repeatedly for a product that you already purchased? Demand better when it comes to your pricing options.

2.FMCSA Compliancy

Many ELDs on the market claim themselves as FMCSA-compliant. However, prior to purchasing an ELD product, you should confirm that the ELD product is certified and registered with the FMCSA. You can view the list of self-certified and registered ELDs at https://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/ELD/List.

3.Ease of Use

New technologies can always be difficult to become familiar with at first. In an industry that has remained relatively the same for years and years, it’s hard to be eager to wrap your mind around an entire new piece of technology and to ask your drivers to learn all about it as well. You need to ensure that it is easy to pick up with minimal learning barriers and that also provides crucial information upfront. For example, a reminder for incorrect operation status should be available, and an indicator for available driving time should be readily visible.

4.24/7 Customer Service Support

Problems can arise at any time of the day. Be it early in the morning or the dead of night or the middle of rush hour, any hardware or software is bound to have problems at some point. When it does, you want to make sure you are working with a company that can give you 24/7 customer support and help you whenever issues might arise. You don’t want to be left out in the cold when things go south, so make sure you are buying from a company that wants to help you.

5.Good Reviews!

Make sure that you read the reviews! No one can give you better insight than others who have bought the product. If you can’t find some reliable reviews, then don’t buy the product. It’s as simple as that.

6.Offline Functionality

Operators drive through areas with little connectivity all the time, and the last thing you need is for your ELD to fail in these areas or have to plan around these areas with routes that have ensured connectivity. When you select your ELD solution, one very critical question you should ask the ELD provider/manufacturer is if this ELD product can function independently without a network.

7.Multiple Connectivity Options

Many providers offer only one ECM scanner model with limited diagnostic protocol. However, if this one option doesn’t work, you’re often out of luck. You want to buy an ELD from a company that offers multiple to make sure that at least one works seamlessly on your vehicle and you aren’t left fighting for a refund when your product doesn’t work on your vehicle. Likewise, if the connection option doesn’t work correctly, you run the risk of getting ghost codes that can shut down engines, interrupt communications with the backend, and even open up your system to infiltration risks. Use the right connection option for your vehicle.

These features are what you deserve to have in the ELDs for your fleet. Fortunately, you can find them all in SHIELD! Give yourself peace of mind. Give your drivers something simple, handy, and intelligent when it comes to your ELD. Use these factors to figure out which system is the best for you and your fleet.